Roger Wasn't Always Going
To Be A Writer

Before you hire me, you should know a little about me.

As a content and web writer, my job is to help my clients in the planning, creating and sharing of great content. 

When I write for you, it is to attract prospects and convert those prospects into customers.

Because of what I write about your products and/or services, I am able to help you collect information that you turn into leads.

A May 2, 2016 article in HubSpot, indicates that research by "Small Business Trends" suggest that 80% of small B2B web sites lack a call to action. 

The same article covers the fact that most websites are hard to navigate.

Working with your web master allows me to easily get prospects to the page/item they want and resolve this type of issue.
Repeat business comes from happy clients that understand the benefits of your products and they trust you.

A Little About Me

I’m originally from southern California.  My parents had a delivery service and then a moving and storage business.  Dad wanted me to take over the business after graduating from college. 

Since I had been working after school for him from about the age of 12, I was not interested in continuing in the family business.

After college I worked at Safeway Stores in southern California and then was transferred to Dallas, Tx.

When Safeway Stores consolidated I was terminated and went to work for McDonnell Douglas. 

At McDonnell Douglas, I was assigned to human resources.  HR at McDonnell Douglas was not a challenge after working for Safeway.

Growing up in a family business and then going to work at Safeway worked out well.

My parents and Safeway watched the pennies really closely.

McDonnell Douglas works on a cost plus basis.

While at McDonnell Douglas I heard through the Grape Vine that HR was going to have layoffs.

Knowing the McDonnell Douglas went by seniority, I started circulating my resume.

Fortunately I was hired by Federal Express, you know the fly by night company.

At FedEx, time and quality commitments were highly stressed and those qualities have stayed with me.

A company hired me away from FedEx to provide positive employee relations and handle union situations for California, Arizona and Nevada.

My education and background are business related – specifically management and human resources.  I am a member of Society of Human Resource Professionals and hold the designation of Sr. Human Resource Representative emeritus.

In 2006 I started a consulting business.  As part of my consulting, I created a website and posted articles dealing with management and human resources.

My articles have been published in the Las Vegas Business Press and HR.com (an on line magazine).

Volunteer Work

Served as human resources mentor to small business owners in Clark County Nevada and helped at the Rural Area Medical (RAM) clinic for the CARE Coalition.

My hobbies include Photography and Woodworking.

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