Is Bamboo A Tree or Grass?

Try to imagine a big dude wearing a grass shirt.  I’m talking about a guy that’s well over 6 feet tall weighing at least 400 pounds. These shirts go up to 6 XT with bigger sizes coming. 

A months ago I met a big dude at a Meet Up session I’ve started attending.

He was showing off a new shirt he just got.  It was just a t-shirt and I didn’t see anything to get excited or brag about. 

Later I learned that this big dude was talking about his own line of shirts – Big Boy Bamboo shirts.  

This big dude is named Andrew and as big as he is, he’s talking about much bigger dudes, up to 6XL plus 1XLT to 4XLT!

Compared to me, some of these guys are like a semi-truck.  For me, a normal large shirt works great.  At 5’9” maybe you can imagine what I’d look like trying to wear any of the BIG BOY Bamboo shirts. (you won’t find any pictures of me wearing a Big Boy bamboo shirt.)

Andrew’s shirts are made out of bamboo which it turns out is a grass – not a tree.  (Glad that’s not the grass that I have to mow in my back yard!)

These shirts are 70% organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton.  The Bamboo is treated and is actual viscose (a type of rayon – yes I had to look that one up) and fits more like silk.  These shirts are really comfortable.

Silk and bamboo tend to drape over the body and acts as a natural camouflage.  Bamboo shirt material is not meant to be tight fitting, thus not highlighting things like man boobs or beer bellies. 

Big Boy Bamboo is ahead of most other companies that manufacture shirts.  Bamboo Shirts are now becoming trendy and “figure flattering”. 

While I think the shirts are awesome, Andrew prefers to call his clothing “Unapologetic”. 

Big dudes used to be considered fat, that’s not actually the case anymore.  And if you’ve been to some of the chain restaurants, the seating arrangements have gotten more generous.

Turns out that big is becoming normal.  Since I don’t watch much TV, this has been a learning experience because lately I’ve learned about the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Nutrisystem, Wonder Diet and others.

The dyes used in Andrew’s bamboo shirts are rich, more lively and fade resistant.  That doesn’t mean you can use bleach or just toss them in the clothes dryer (they deserve more respect).

In case you haven’t noticed, Big Boys tend to have a lot more perspiration than us smaller guys. 

Bamboo shirts are especially helpful to the Big Boys because the material wicks perspiration away from the skin. 

While the material wicks away perspiration during the heat, it works as an insulator by holding in body heat when it’s cold outside.

Check out the great line of shirts for your big guy at BigBoyBamboo

Future products including underwear and socks will be coming.

                  Disclaimers about Bamboo Fiber

According to the federal government, we can’t tell you that our shirts are made out of natural Bamboo.  The feds in their infinite wisdom ultimately decided that the bamboo fiber is actually nothing more than Rayon made from plants, and we’re sure that has absolutely nothing to do with corporate lobbyist or tax revenue.  We have a call to our fabric “viscose from bamboo” to avoid conflict through our bamboo fiber passes global organic tech standards.

Note: this is another one of those things that the government says we can’t tell you, because they say that bamboo is actually plastic, and there’s no evidence that the fabric has any antimicrobial properties. The real deal is that your shirt won’t hold onto smells and really will help control BO, regardless of whether it’s because of airflow or germ-killing powers, but don’t tell anyone we told you so.

YES - Other than the disclaimer, I wrote the article.  Andrew is a friend.

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