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Questions Not Always Thought Of

These are frequent questions or issues you may not have thought of.  These questions and/or issues may be costing you lost business.  

Sometimes it's necessary to change what you are currently using to attract a broader range of clients.

The following are some of the questions people have about their content.  

I know how my customers search.  Why should I hire an SEO specialist?

Search habits change and it’s not just your current customers that are important. 

Companies that are not your current clients are who we are also trying to reach.

Can you do the design, too?

No – I do the content writing but leave the actual site construction or modification to a  graphic artist.

What kind of assignments do you handle?

Mostly I write the content for websites, company newsletters, sales emails, insert ads auto-responders, news releases and video sales scripts (infomercials).

Why should I hire you?

When I write, my words paint a positive picture in the reader's mind.  My writing is to attract prospects and convert those prospects into your customers.

As a content and web writer, my job is to help my clients (like you) in the planning, creating and sharing of great content. 

Because of what I write about your products and/or services, I am able to help you collect information that you turn into leads.

Studies show that over 25% of all lost sales are because users can't navigate from the homepage to the page they want.  

Working with your webmaster allows me to easily get prospects to the page/item they want.

Repeat business comes from happy clients that trust you and understand the benefits of your products.

Positive things will start to happen that bring you the results you are looking for.

What is it like to work with you?

I am punctual, professional, and focused. I communicate clearly and seek to understand my clients, their business, and customers.

This means I listen, pay attention and demonstrate a sincerity that is crucial to understanding my client and  customer.

Being a genuine friend also is a big advantage in forming long-term relationships. I am loyal.  If our business relationship works out, there are real possibilities for long-term results as we work together in the future. “Jason

I am goal - and results - oriented.  I will set my eyes on the finish line and strive, discipline myself and follow through until I reach it.  

When you give me an assignment, you can be confident that I will deliver the results I promised.

Can you start on my copywriting project right away?

Each project is different. 

There are times I may be able to start your project immediately.  This  depends on other projects that I am committed to.

When we finalize our agreement, I will be able to tell you when I can start.

What kinds of results can I expect?

I am a professional and take pride in my work.  I dedicate myself to creating the perfect message for you.

You can expect great results that will drive visitors to take action when they visit your site. 

One of my personal goals is to have you stand above the level of your competitors.

What kind of turnaround time can I expect?

The actual completion time will depend on your specific assignment. 

It is normal for me, however, to work on a tight turn around schedule.

What companies have you written for?

Some companies do not want the public to know that they outsource their content writing. 

As a result of being asked to not give out some client’s names, it is our policy not to  provide information about any of our clients. 

Some clients, however, have provided testimonials which are included in the “What They Say” page.

Do you ask for any money up front?

It is normal for the client to pay half of the agreed upon price up front.  The other half is due when the assignment is completed.

What does it cost to hire you for a project?

My cost varies because every project must be appraised individually for how much time and research are involved.

Included in the cost is the possibility of revisions.  (Don't be afraid to ask questions - it doesn't cost anything to ask.  Don't worry, I won't spam you if you don't hire me.)

What if I want to make revisions?

Revisions are a normal part of any project.

You will receive the first draft to edit and make comments on.  After you edit the draft, modifications will be made.  You will receive the 2nd draft to review and make changes, if necessary.

Often the 3rd draft is also the final draft.

What Are Your Qualifications?

American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) trains copywriters. I have taken several professional development programs from AWAI, including:

  • AWAI Accelerated Copywriting Training
  • Advanced Copywriting for the Internet
  • Web Copy Workshop
  • Winning Clients Training with Joshua Boswell
  • Circle of Success

As an AWAI member, I am involved in several different forums with other copywriters.

We bounce ideas off each other, critique each other’s writing and suggest resources.  This helps make me a better writer.

Qualifications are more than just training credentials.

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