Professional Vs Expert
Not Everyone Can Be An Expert

Anyone can call themselves a professional, but only a few are an expert.

A writer friend who is also a doctor is changing jobs and moving from Spokane to somewhere in California.

Since I’ve bounced around in several states, my friend thought maybe I could help. Help? Doing what?

Naturally I didn’t want her to know that I didn’t have a clue on how to help her. (My moves were all tied to an employer and were business related.)

As luck would have it, I ran into Lynaae Forbes, a realtor friend that I’ve known for years. Lynaae has worked in one area of real estate or another for 20+ years and definitely qualifies as an "expert".

Her work history includes behind the scenes in escrow, a loan officer and she has taught handling reverse mortgages and other important features of property transactions.

It's interesting that Lynaae doesn't consider herself a broker but explains that “I'm an advocate for the homeowner, a coordinator for getting things done”.

In 2012 Lynaae was named Las Vegas Expert Agent by fellow agents.

Trying to keep the conversation on subjects of interest, I briefly mentioned the basic problem of the doctor.

Where my friend wants to relocate in California, Lynaae knows brokers in the area, and she offered to do introductions.  Lynaae, also offered to help the doctor get pre-qualified for financing.

After talking with the doctor, Lynaae was able to advise the doctor on home buying but possible alternatives to buying a home and financing.

Growing up, Lynaae was bounced around in 15 different foster homes. Lynaae believes that owning a home should be more than just a dream.

Giving back to the world is important and Lynaae supports a non-profit “Water for the World NLA

Lynaae offers a suggestion to anyone looking to buy a home.   Be selective and look for an expert agent the same way you would look at the person if you were deciding to date someone.

When buying a home Lynaae offers suggestions to buyers.

  • Be careful of buying the best house on the block or neighborhood – it may be overpriced and cause the appraiser to have a lower appraisal on the house.
  • Values may change during the year. Home prices may decline in the fall of the year as there is often less relocation during the school year.

Working with an experienced real estate expert is something everyone should do before buying or selling any type property.

You can reach Lynaae at or call 702 743 7797.

Or if you are local, Lynaae's office is at 1980 Festival Plaza Dr #300 Las Vegas, NV 89135

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