Roses, Hiccups
& Warts

Everyday Slip-Ups and a Few Positive Things

Why This Section Even Exists

Roses, Hiccups & Warts is dedicated to the issues we all face at one time or another.

You can expect to periodically find information on pets, credit repair, home maintenance and a whole lot of other challenges that life presents.

As you read the section, if you have suggestions for improvement, comments good or bad please let me know.  Yes, your comments may hurt my feelings, but I’m a big boy and I will get over it.

Roses are the things we do for someone else, maybe a wise saying or something else that's positive.

Hiccups are life's daily problems. 

Warts are things we do/did that caused at least a minor frustration.


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Andrew Lumish lives in Tampa Florida and owns a cleaning company. Every Sunday Andrew spends time cleaning and scrubbing veteran's tombstones.

This is Andrew's way to honor veterans for the contributions they made to their country.

Lumish has cleaned more than 300 gravestones since beginning his project more than two years ago.


Did I Wake You?

There is a country and western group still around called Asleep at the Wheel.

Almost everyday while driving, I end up following someone that's “asleep at the wheel”.

While I used to like their music, the people that I seem to end up behind at a traffic signal are mentally asleep at the wheel.

Have you noticed this? Naturally this seems to happen when you're stuck at a left turn signal. When the person wakes up, he immediately speeds up to get through the intersection.

Those of us behind the sleeper have to wait until the signal turns again.

All we can do is keeping smiling.


The unexpected happened the other night.

Sleeping soundly about 2:30 in the morning and the home burglar alarm goes off.

After being awakened by the horrible sound and realizing what it was, it was time to get up.

There I was, jumping (maybe more like falling) out of bed, standing naked grabbing for my gun and a flash light while the alarm is going off.

Meanwhile the security company is calling and my wife is on the phone trying to ask me questions.

After realizing what was going on, I put on my robe and started down the hallway, gun in one hand and flash light in the other.

The security system said that a door or window was open.

As I walked through the house, I noticed a light by our back door. Going to the door I could see that it was in fact slightly ajar.

Not knowing what to expect, I turned on a light and opened the door with gun, still in hand. The screen door which has two locks, only had one lock in the locked position.

The lock that was securing the door made me realize that no one had entered the house.

While explaining what happened to my wife, she admitted that maybe she didn't actually check the door before coming to bed.

We can thank the wind blowing and my wife for this experience.

Naturally our two dogs slept through the whole thing.

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