Actually I wasn’t sure dogs are man’s best friend so I asked the Information God (aka Google) what the favorite pet was and believe it or not, the information God apparently didn’t know. So I was sent to Yahoo (a sub God?)

The most recent data (from 2009) does say it’s a Dog because they’re such good helpers for the blind, security and police, etc.

The sub God even lists the top 10 favorite dogs with Labrador Retrievers being # 1.

I’ve always had a dog.  Some of the top 10 favorite dogs, I’m not even sure are dogs.  But since the sub God says they are, who am I to argue.

Back to the story

My wife and I have had a dog for a long time – his name is Winston and he definitely is my wife’s dog.


So one day I thought another dog would be great because we had to put our Lab down. So my wife and I went to the local kill shelter here in Las Vegas. We “adopt” to save a critter’s life.

After looking at the variety of dogs, I thought small a dog Winston’s size would be great. That idea didn’t set well with my wife so she said, “since we’re getting a small dog to replace Scooby, let’s get two”.

One of the workers at the pound brought out several little white dogs, one at a time. After 4 or 5 I asked for a specific little white dog I saw when we first started looking.

Well, you guessed it. Apparently the worker wasn’t listening because the next dog was a small black dog.

The way the pound set up works is that the adopters (me and wife) were in a cage and then the adoptee (dog) is brought in.

Well this adoptee came straight at me like he was shot out of a cannon. Actually this one didn’t look like a dog. It was small, black with a little gray and matted fur. If it weren’t for his short legs propelling him, I wouldn’t have known it was a dog.

This adoptee almost knocked me over he was so fast and friendly – definitely a people dog.

We had asked to see only male dogs. While I didn’t do a visual check, I thought what a personality.

It didn’t take long to notice that even with the long hair, something was wrong with his left eye. While the worker went to check the paperwork the three of us got to know each other a little better.

After a while the worker came back and said the left eye had been surgically removed. We didn’t see this as a problem so my wife went to do the paperwork.

When my wife finished the paperwork, she told me that the paperwork said the adoptee was female. You may not know this but female dogs have something in their urine that kills grass.

Picky me didn’t want yellow spots on the grass but adoptee was so persuasive, we took it anyway.

It didn’t take long after we got home to see that little adoptee pees like a male (yeah!).

Since we live in Las Vegas I decided that I’d call the little guy “Jack” – my one eyed Jack. Or Black Jack or like my wife calls him, Jumping Bean because when he gets excited, he starts jumping.

The next morning we were off to the dog groomer a friend had recommended so Jack could get a bath and a trim.

The groomer did a great job cleaning and trimming Jack. The short matted dog I took in looked so different, I wasn’t sure it was Jack.

The groomer assured me it was the same little mutt that I had taken in.

The groomer does such fantastic job and spoils Jack almost as much as we do.  Now we take our One Eyed Jack back on a regular basis.

Some pet grooming places take time to make even a mutt look good. 

Your "best friend" will make you proud!

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